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Kaiser Permanente New Member Checklist

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Just follow the checklist below to help you and your family get personalized care, save time and trips, and earn up to $400 per household in wellness rewards. It only takes a few steps to help you get the most out of your Kaiser Permanente plan.

Create your account on

Register. external link for your secure health care account or just download and sign in to the free Kaiser Permanente app. external link. Then you can use timesaving, online features like emailing your doctor, refilling prescriptions, scheduling appointments, and accessing video visits. Each covered family member age 13 and over can create their own account.

Choose & meet your doctor

If you haven’t already, choose one of our Kaiser Permanente medical office physicians to be your personal doctor. [A personal doctor, or Primary Care Physician (PCP), is similar to a Primary Care Manager (PCM).]  Each covered family member can choose their own personal doctor and can change at any time. Research doctors. external link, then call us at 1-833-642-5973 to make your selection official.

Start building a relationship with your new doctor—and discussing any care you might need—by scheduling a video visit. external link from the safety of home. (You’ll need to have created your account on You can also call 1-833-642-5973 to schedule any type of appointment.

Get your prescriptions conveniently

If you have prescriptions from a previous doctor, let us help you transition them to Kaiser Permanente. Just have your prescriptions handy and call us at 1-833-642-5973.  We can also help with questions about costs for specific drugs.

Order refills online. external link and you can get most medications delivered right to your home with no cost for shipping. With most prescriptions, you can get a 90-day supply at a reduced copayment.* (To use these secure online features, you’ll need to have created your account on

*Not all drugs are available through mail order, even if displayed on Certain drugs only allow a 30-day refill. Controlled substances are not available by mail.

Earn your wellness rewards

Complete certain wellness activities in the Kaiser Permanente Wellness Rewards program—and earn $200 to use towards qualified medical expenses. Covered spouses can earn $200 in rewards, too. Plus you can earn this reward each year. Get details and get started. (You can complete the first couple steps online from the safety of home!)