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Frequently Asked Questions

You’ll find answers to common questions about the new Kaiser Permanente plan option below.

About Kaiser Permanente

  • What should I know about Kaiser Permanente?

Plan Overview

  • What is Kaiser Permanente, a TRICARE Prime option?

  • Where is this new option available?

  • How does Kaiser Permanente, a TRICARE Prime option compare to TRICARE Prime?

Costs & Coverage

  • Do I have to pay an annual enrollment fee with the Kaiser Permanente TRICARE Prime option?

  • Where can I find a list of covered benefits?

Eligibility & Enrolling

  • Am I eligible for Kaiser Permanente, a TRICARE Prime option?

  • What if I am 65 years or older?

  • When can I enroll?

  • How do I enroll?

  • Once I’ve enrolled, how do I get started?


  • What is a PCP (Primary Care Physician)?

  • Does everyone in my family have to share the same PCP (Primary Care Physician)?

  • How do I learn about and choose my Primary Care Physician (PCP)?

  • What if I need to see a specialist?

Pharmacy & Medications

  • Are prescriptions covered under this plan?

  • How do I fill my prescriptions with this plan?

Getting Care in Georgia

  • Where and how can I get care in Georgia under the Kaiser Permanente TRICARE Prime option?

  • What if I need urgent care?

  • What if I need emergency care?

  • Which hospitals will I and my family have access to within the Kaiser Permanente network in the metro Atlanta area?

  • What if we move?

Getting Care Outside of Georgia

  • What if I unexpectedly become ill when I’m traveling?

  • What are my non-urgent care options when I’m away from home?

  • May I still use a military hospital or clinic or the VA while enrolled in Kaiser Permanente, a TRICARE Prime?