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Experience Coordinated Care

Our Integrated Approach

Kaiser Permanente’s integrated model is unique because we’re not just your health plan, we also provide your care. With our own Permanente doctors working together with the health plan, it makes it easier for you to get quality, coordinated care you can trust. Plus because all our available doctors welcome our TRICARE Prime option members, you don’t have to worry whether they’ll accept TRICARE.


  • You have access to top-notch doctors, because we carefully select our own.
  • With connected providers working together, we can help prevent illness or detect it early.
  • Our doctors are motivated to keep you healthy and provide the right care, not more care, because they’re not paid based on how many services they provide.


  • You won’t have to coordinate with doctors, specialists, pharmacies, hospitals, and other caregivers—our providers handle the coordination for you.
  • You can get safe, personalized care because all your Permanente providers have instant access to information such as what medications you’re taking.
  • Since providers know your care history, you can save time and money by avoiding unnecessary procedures and redundant tests.


  • You won’t need health plan approval for tests or procedures—if your doctor thinks you need it, he/she simply orders it.
  • No referral is needed for most specialists.
  • You won’t have to file a claim for any Kaiser Permanente provider.
  • You’ll have access to same-day phone and video appointments, plus 24/7 urgent care and nurse advice, and more.
  • Save time at our medical offices with lab, X-ray and pharmacy under the same roof.
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