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Make your TRICARE benefits work hard for you. See what our plan has to offer and if you're eligible.

See the Kaiser Permanente TRICARE Prime option costs & benefits.

Earn up to $400 in wellness rewards each year.

Phone and video appointments—at no copay.

Free programs and classes. Plus discounts on chiropractic care, massage therapy, and much more.

We carefully screen and hire our own top doctors.

Hear from our Military Veterans

Hear why veterans have chosen Kaiser Permanente for their health care—and why veteran employees and doctors choose to serve our members.

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Free Wellness Tools

Check out the exclusive Health and Wellness Guide we’ve created just for you. In it you’ll find a wide variety of free resources to access at any time, including:

  • Health information and simple tips on topics like mental wellness, stress management, nutrition, exercise, managing health conditions, and more.
  • Virtual workouts and classes you can join with friends, family, and others in the Atlanta military community.
  • Guided meditation podcasts to help with relaxation, anxiety, anger, better sleep, weight loss, and more.
  1. * Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of Georgia, Inc. (KFHP) has been the top-rated commercial plan in Georgia for 5 consecutive years and the top-ranked commercial plan in Georgia for an additional 9 consecutive years. NCQA’s Private Health Insurance Plan Ratings 2015–2018, National Committee for Quality Assurance 2018: KFHP— HMO (rated 4 out of 5); NCQA’s Private Health Insurance Plan Rankings 2006–2014: KFHP— HMO (highest ranking in Georgia).


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