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Ready for a Healthy Challenge?

You now have access to a fun new online wellness challenge designed specifically for our military community, called Well Traveled. All beneficiaries who are Kaiser Permanente members are invited.

Well Traveled

Want to go on an exciting all-American tour to help feel your best and most resilient? Then today’s the day to plan your trip. In Well Traveled, you’ll record physical activity, take free online classes with others, and more—earning points and pins as you do. You’ll learn about must-see attractions in each state while building healthy habits that can last long after your online journey is over.

Don’t just talk about getting healthier — do it.

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In this coast-to-coast online journey, you’ll:

  • Record physical activity, take free online classes from BurnAlong, and more—with fun, easy tracking
  • See local wellness events and reminders about earning $400 through our Wellness Rewards program
  • Have lots of support—teams, buddies, interactive message board
  • Practice energy-boosting, stress-reducing habits to help you feel your best and most resilient