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Month of the Military Child

April is designated as the Month of the Military Child; a time to honor the sacrifices made by military families worldwide, with an emphasis on the experiences of the dependent children of military members serving at home and overseas.

Purple Up! For Military Kids Day

“Purple Up! Day, on April 15, is a day to wear purple to show support and thank military children for their strength and sacrifices. Purple indicates that all branches of the military are supported; Air Force blue, Army green, Navy blue, Marine red, and Coast Guard blue all thought to combine as a single color, purple.

Ways to Celebrate Purple Up! Day

  • Wear Purple on Purple Up! Day
  • Recognize military children and their families
  • Share your activities and photos #purpleup

How it All Started

Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger was responsible for establishing April as the Month of The Military Child in 1986, and the Department of Defense has honored his initiative ever since.

The month of April is an important one for children who have one or both parents serving in uniform. Since 1986, there have been an increasing number of awareness campaigns aimed at recognizing the needs of military children in all areas, from coping with the deployment of parents to war zones to the education of military dependents at on-base Department of Defense Dependent School System (DoDDS) campuses around the globe.

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